About this site

TARracers.com was conceived and developed with the fans of the best reality show on television in mind. It just so happens that some of these fans also happened to be fortunate enough to have participated on The Amazing Race.

We hope to make this a fan friendly, racer friendly, and CBS friendly place where fans and racers could intermingle and exchange thoughts and insights on any race - past or present.

From the fans perspective, this site will allow you to have direct contact with many of your favorite racers. It will allow you to share the experience with those very few who can give you true and honest insights into the race, its nuances, and its participants. It will also allow you to keep up with the latest happenings in the lives of those that you may have followed.

From the Racer's perspective, this site will allow for you to let your fans and your fellow racers know what you're up to and to provide as complete of an archive of your experience as possible. It will allow you a forum through which to share your thoughts and experiences of the race with those that would most appreciate them.

-- Ray Housteau (TAR7)

Thanks to...

  • The many TARflies who helped in the building of this site.
  • CBS, TARflies and the Racers for the photos.
  • Stewart Rosenberger for his lovely Dynamic Text Replacement script.
  • Plogger for the starting point on the photo gallery.
  • Dave Spurr for creating the wonderful The JavaScript image cropper UI
  • The design of this site makes use of a Photoshop Brush called "Red Red Mappy Bits" that was downloaded from the Adobe Studio Exchange. The file is no longer there, so we cannot credit the artist by name. Sorry about that!