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But ultimately Ms. Bergvall’s paradoxically minimal installation is packed so full of references it’s easy to get lost; unlike Géricault’s epic painting, which critiqued everything from the slave trade to the restoration of the Bourbon monarchy, abstract art “Drift” leaves us in a sea of disparate, seemingly disconnected sources and allusions.

The basic make up of a battery is largely the same as it was a decade ago.

If you pay attention to www.frivcube.com online gaming, especially in the “free to play” space, where a game download is free, but extras of all sorts cost money, you’ll see stories about people spending ridiculous amounts of money in a game – far more than a typical $60 disc. For example, there’s a report today about a Belgian teenager who spent nearly $50,000 in a single game. If you’re a creator of a free to play game, stories

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